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I'm Valerie Tchikhiaeva BSc Hons, MSc Law, BPTC PGDip, Esq. New York Attorney-at-Law

  • Within 2 years prior or 2 years after the NY Board Exam, you must complete 50 hours of pro-bono work - this is signed off (e.g. by a Solicitor or Citizens Advice Burea manager) on a letterhead and submitted indirectly to the NY Board.

  • There is a skills competency: fulfilled by your LLB law results (JD).

  • Everyone globally can only apply to do the Bar from 1 March - 31 March of the year they are sitting the exam.

  • You must create a BOLE account ((The New York State) Board of Law Examiners).

  • If you sit the Exam in July 2024, you will receive your Results in October 2024. (You can take flights into the state just the exams and study remotely)

  • You must sit the 2 day exams in state in New York.

  • If you study the New York or California Bar at University of Law, London (online), you will receive 2 contact tutors.

  • You will need a US phone number upon signing up on BOLE - you can bypass this by typing in (000) 000 000.

  • The NY Bar pass rate is 80%.

  • Upon completion of the Bar, you get a License to Practice NY's state law.Your title upon completing the Bar with be Attorney-of-Law Esq.

  • You do not have to do any further training (i.e. Pupillage or Training Contract), you will be set to set up a law firm upon successful completion of the Bar exams (subject to Malpractice Insurance).

  • Passing the Bar is not an automatic right to a US work visa.

  • Upon having a License to Practice NY's state law, you can simply apply and pay a fee to register as an Attorney member of that state for $200-500.

Important Dates:
(July - November beginners)

Phase 1:
November - March

Apply to Ba
r (always):
1 March - 31 March

Phase 2:
March - Bar Exam (July)


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