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Let's Talk About Procrastination: How to Overcome it.

Updated: Mar 31

Do you always find yourself putting off tasks or rushing deadlines due to the overwhelming thought of actually doing them.

Look no further, I have the solutions (and the inspirational quotes).

Procrastinating paper work deadlines course assignment

"Some researchers define procrastination as a "form of self-regulation failure characterised by the irrational delay of tasks despite potentially negative consequences.": Prem R, Scheel TE, Weigelt O, Hoffmann K, Korunka C.

A 2007 meta analysis published in the Psychological Bulletin found that a whopping 80% to 95% of college students procrastinated on a regular basis, particularly when it came to completing assignments and coursework.

Students tend to:

  • Overestimate how much time they have left to perform tasks

  • Overestimate how motivated they will be in the future

  • Underestimate how long certain activities will take to complete

  • Mistakenly assume that they need to be in the right frame of mind to work on a project

Well let me tell you some of my ways to overcome this and be more productive.

Tip #1 - "I'll do it Tomorrow"

No you won't. Let's be frank, the likelihood is that you won't do it tomorrow because something else will come up or you will come up with another excuse. Just being honest, 'don't shoot the messenger'.

Unlike any other blog, I am here to tell you the truth for your best interest. And therefore, the way to overcome this is ... by doing it now. Not in 10 minutes, or tomorrow, but now.

"There is no time like the present" - Georgia Byng.

Tip #2 - You can't have your cake and eat it

I love an inspirational quote. So think about it this way, if you expect a lot, do you expect to do little and visa versa? No, you expect high returns for high effort so you must work accordingly.

I'm a true believer in the idea that if something matters to you, then you will make time for it. People claim they are exhausted from work but still manage to watch TV or sit on their phone; this is because this is their chosen priority. These are perfectly acceptable choices, as long as you don't then complain about not having time to do the things you want to or should do, because the reality is that you did... you just choose to spend it inefficiently.

Another great motivational saying for me is "don't pray to eat well and then complain when your plate is full"... I think this puts life and thinking into perspective. You can't keep moaning when life do goes your way by saying that it is too much and also complain when life doesn't go your way, saying that it's too little.

Stop complaining, smell the roses, change your mentality. It really is that simple fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your mentality).

As the British idiomatic goes, You can't have your cake and eat it, therefore 'With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility' - Stan Lee 1962.

Tip #3 - 'Flora - Green Focus' app

If you are tied to your phone and are likely to get distracted, you need to put the phone downstairs. If this is not enough for you, then you need to download the free 'Flora - Green Focus' app which plants a tree on your behalf if you stay off your phone for the set amount of time that you put. If you go on your phone, it sends a notification to get off of it, and if you don't, it will kill a tree 🌳! That added pressure of a consequence not only to yourself is a great driving force that can set a good habit into your life. (Don't say I don't give great advice).

Procrastinating work deadlines course assignment time waste phone

Tip #4 - The Choice is in your Hands

Only you can do the work for yourself, no one else (unless you have paid help, then you're sorted (even then not as rewarding or as well as you would have)). Therefore, reminding yourself no one is going to come and save the day for you and remembering that you can only rely on yourself should be a great motivator in your life.

Tip #5 - So..., what have YOU decided?

Are you going to start that assignment, hobby, dish, life goal, travel arrangement, dinner plan, friend date and/or application tomorrow? or now?

The decision is yours and only yours to make. No pressure.

"One Day or Day One. You Decide." – Unknown.

Hopefully you'll return to this blog when ever you require inspiration to start the work pending, stop procrastinating and get a million things done in a day.

Remember, we all have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce, no excuses. ⏳

Peace and Light - Valerie T x

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